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SelfScan Webinar 10-MAY-12

The SelfScan Project held a half day Webinar on 19th April 2012, this was open to the public and it attracted a global audience.
Presentations and video from the SelfScan Webinar can be viewed below:

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

You tube video -

For further information please contact Kamer Tuncbilek via


SelfScan Project Final Meeting 08-MAY-12

The SelfScan 27M (Final) meeting was held on 20th April 2012 at TWI Ltd. The meeting followed on from a sucessful Webinar the previous day. There were also two demonstrations on the day. The project objectives have been reached and all SMEs are happy with the progress made.

Register here for the SelfScan Webinar 20-MAR-12

On 19th April 2012 the SelfScan Project will be holding a half day Webcast.
Please register via
For further information please contact Kamer Tuncbilek on Programme:
13.00 Welcome and Introduction: How the SelfScan journey started
13.15 The application, scenarios and expected benefits due to the use of Long-Range Ultrasound Techniques (LRUT) in maintenance operations
13.45 LRUT transducer selection and Fatigue experiment
14.45 Evaluation of the use of neural network systems to classify complex signals for the automatic diagnosis of defect presence
15.30 Open discussions and feedback
16.00 Close


SelfScan presentation given at the AeroSpace Industry Panel 20-MAR-12

The SelfScan Project had the opportunity to present at the bi-annual the Aerospace Industry Panel, held at TWI Ltd on 14th March 2012. Click here to view the presentation.

Smart Aircraft Article published in International Innovation

Alex Haig (TWI), Kamer Tuncbilek (TWI) and Pavlos Stavrou (Cereteth) all working on the SelfScan Project had an article published in the International Innovation magazine (Issue 5) about how the SelfScan Project is set improve defect detection capabilities by using embedded systems for using long range ultrasonic testing. To view the full article please follow this link

SelfScan 18Month Meeting

The 18M meeting was held 16th September 2011; it was hosted by Cereteth in Athens, Greece

SelfScan 12Month Meeting

The 12M meeting was held 2nd March 2011; it was hosted by Smart Materials in Dresden, Germany

SelfScan 6Month Meeting

The 6M meeting was held 16th July 2010; it was hosted by Cereteth at the President Hotel, Athens, Greece

Self Scan Kick Off Meeting

The Self Scan KO meeting was held 3rd March 2010, it was hosted by TWI Ltd, Cambridge UK