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The project is industry driven and TWI is involved both technically and in project management. The consortium has the responsibility for the success of the project and has therefore organised the work activities into a number of discrete work packages. Each work package (WP) will be led by the listed partner, and TWI is responsible to maintain an overview and to ensure that the WP administration and the milestones are achieved.

TWI Ltd, Cambridge (UK)

TWI TWI is one of the world's foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in solving problems in all aspects of manufacturing, fabrication and whole-life integrity management technologies.

Established in Cambridge, UK in 1946 and with several facilities across the globe, the company has a first class reputation for service through its teams of internationally respected consultants, scientists, engineers and support staff, whose knowledge and expertise are available to its Industrial Members as and when they require.

With a long history of invention, innovation and knowledge transfer, TWI continues to develop its staff and its technical knowhow in engineering, materials and joining technologies, alongside the valuable training and professional support services it offers to Members.

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Optel, Poland

Optel Optel Ltd was founded 1989 to develop innovative products involving ultrasound, acoustic emission, analysis and processing, and acoustic and holographic imaging techniques. Optel's primary goal was to develop innovative hardware and software technologies for various product applications, with a focus on product developments possessing mass market potential. Optel's innovations have resulted in the granting of several US and World patents for applications in biometrics, NDT, and medical diagnostics.

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Phillips Consultants, UK

Phillips Consultants Phillips Consultants is an SME providing engineering design, development and assembly of LRUT equipment. (It should be mentioned that the company's name does not fully reflect its activity in that it is an electronics manufacturing company as opposed to a pure consultancy). It is one of the only two SMEs in the world that manufacture pulser / receiver units for LRUT systems whose concept is based on an EC funded Thermie project. In the past 12 months Phillips Consultants will have delivered approximately 20 such systems. Phillips has been manufacturing these systems since 2000 and, over the intervening period, the systems have been continuously improved and remain at the cutting edge of LRU technology. A recent development with the Phillips designed units has been to introduce Time Delay Focusing (TDF) capability into the system, enabling it to pulse the tool as a phased array and to receive the reflected signals in eight distinct sectors.

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Isotest, Italy

Isotest Isotest was founded in 1981 to provide engineering, design, software development and assembly of automation systems and NDT equipment to satisfy individual customer needs. Isotest has a continuing policy of developing new NDT and Quality Control products, with a specialisation in ultrasonics, acoustic emission and x-ray techniques. ISO is also participating in a joint venture with a Romanian company for the NDT market within the framework of JOPP programme. The ultrasonic based positioning and guidance system developed through this project will complement the existing Isotest products, which include a positioning and guidance system that it is currently developing for robots operating in large areas on ground.

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Smart Materials, Germany

Smart Materials Smart Material specialise in the production and development of innovative piezo- macro fibre composite components and ultrasonic transducers. The Macro Fibre Composites (MFC) technology, licensed by NASA, is a pioneering actuator technology suitable for numerous applications, e.g. vibration and noise reduction, shape-changing structures, strain gauge applications dynamic structural health monitoring. Piezo Fibre Composites provide outstanding capabilities in ultrasonics, especially non-destructive testing, medical- and sonar applications.

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Cereteth, Greece


CERETETH is a Research Centre located in the Region of Thessaly-Greece that actively participates in research projects. The centre has been involved in many EC funded research projects, and has cooperated with major industrial companies, research centres, and universities. The development is supported by well-equipped laboratories and workshops. The Centre has 4 Research Institutes and 20 Laboratories.

The Center's main mission is to conduct basic, applied, and technological research that leads to new products and services with industrial, economic and social impact. The work in SelfScan will draw on cross-fertilisation of robotics, automation, sensors and IT. Associated research fields are: -Smart Sensor Systems; Communication Networks; Sensor Networks; Data Acquisition; HW signal conditioning and processing; and aerospace inspection.

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NDT-Expert, France


NDT Expert (NDTE) (Toulouse-France) is an Economic Interest Group (EIG) are owned by EADS and Bureau Veritas. Created in 1991, NDTE is the competence centre and reference point for its members in aeronautic non-destructive activities. NDTE has a subsidiary in South Africa and several representatives around the world. It offers an integral consultancy on conventional and innovative non-destructive technologies (eddy current, ultrasound, magnetic particles, dye penetrant, X-rays, infrared, shearography). Since NDTE is strongly linked to aircraft manufacturer and airlines, all issues related to NDT for final assembly line and in-service maintenance tasks play an important role in the company strategy. The development of innovative tools for NDT will certainly have a huge impact on NDTE activities due to the critical role of NDT maintenance activities on the direct operating costs of airlines. NDTE is already involved in the development of SHM technologies. The fact that NDTE belongs to this consortium will allow greatly improve the route to market for the Selfscan system.

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